Mithoff Consulting Group, LLC (MCG) was established in 1999 as
a vehicle to bring our collective years of varied health care
experience to market.  We have evolved into a co-operative
arrangement of experts with a shared ethic of providing analyses
and solutions that work.
22 East Mithoff Street
Columbus, OH 43206
ph:  614-444-6286
Our Experience
Our areas of expertise include:
Clinical Practice
Business Process Redesign
Facilities Planning
Operational Management
Business Planning & Financial Analysis
Administration & Management Consultation
Corporate Budgeting
Our Strengths
Our work processes emphasize:
Creativity to insure that we are providing the best
Flexibility to accommodate unique needs
Intensity to provide timely and complete responses
to issues and project needs
Results fully aligned to and exceeding expectations
and needs
We assist hospitals, health systems and professional
organizations that service the health care industry leveraging our
extensive background of over thirty years of experience.

MCG assembles a unique and exceptional group of individuals to
support every consulting effort.  All of these individuals are senior,
experienced professionals who have worked and practiced in
diverse environments requiring an unflagging commitment to
excellence and sustained value.  Their expertise and experience
Defining and operationalizing best in practice clinical
systems and care models
Defining, modeling and integrating research programs
with clinical services
Developing clinical and operational systems aligned to
specific programs and defined outcomes
Developing and implementing performance standards
designed to maximize performance and results
Clinical and administrative expertise associated with
operating and managing health facilities

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