Transition Planning
What is Transition Planning?
We work with the leadership and staff of our clients to diagnose and recommend high value
strategies to improve the primary operational issues identified throughout the planning process in an
effort to facilitate a smooth transition and operationalization of all projects, particularly facility design
and build-out.

Major capital projects provide the impetus for and can create new working environments that enable
the owner to challenge prior thinking related to staffing, supply chain, use of technology, role of family
members and interactions between patients and staff.  This extensive planning process creates a set
of improvement opportunities and challenges intended to be implemented in both new and renovated

Our approach to transition planning is straightforward.  All major facilities projects unfold as three
concurrent steps, as follows:

 Keeping the message and process alive
 Building the project structure to achieve enduring success
 Monitoring and tracking the effort throughout the project life

These steps work together to establish a framework for corporate wide planning, identify and integrate operational strategies, and provide strategic control to track how strategies are implemented, detect
potential problems and make necessary adjustments.

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