About Us

and corporate budgeting and planning.  Her
expertise comes to the forefront in promoting
team collaboration, efficient information
exchange and establishing the free flow of
dialogue among project team participants.

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About Our Business
Associates of the firm have worked at leading institutions both nationally and internationally.  This
experience, in conjunction with our affiliations with a select number of outstanding consulting firms,
allows us to formulate realistic and implementable solutions in the most complex and dynamic health
care environment.

patient care delivery.  She enjoys the challenge of
"out of the box" thinking and promotion of team
solutions to continue high quality care.  Janet utilizes
her strong communication skills and team synergy
to create positive client results.

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Carol Cosler, MBA
Carol has over thirty years of
diverse health care experience
demonstrating effective
communication, detail and
results orientation, management
Janet Beck, RN, BSN, MBA
Janet has more than thirty years
of experience in varied health
care roles.  Her previous
experience has focused on             
redesign of work and planning for

ideas to increase its effectiveness.  Rodney has
more than thirty years of experience in product
development, electronic commerce, sales &
marketing and operations management with various
global corporations.

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Rodney Cosler, BSc
Communications Manager
Rodney manages the development
and implementation of MCG's
communications and media
relations activities and maintains
the MCG website and develops
Who are we?
We are experienced and creative healthcare professionals and consultants with the ability to flex your
needs while leveraging our extensive and diverse knowledge to advance patient care and care

What is our core business?
Space programming and planning
Strategic master planning
Holistic assessment
Operational design and performance
Transition planning
Post-occupancy evaluation

How are we different?
We focus on your needs and the work that will offer you the most benefit for the fee.  Our approach is holistic and flexible tailored to your unique needs and not a predetermined path.  Our tool kit is filled with
innovative methods to achieve actionable solutions and measurable results.

What tools do we use?
Simulation modeling, LEAN for healthcare, human centered design concepts, data analysis and good old
common sense.

How do we meet your needs outside of your core business?
We have longstanding relationships and partner with industry experts; simulation model engineers,
architects, medical facility planners, medical equipment planners, logistic specialists,
anthropologist/human centered design psychologists, food service planners, healthcare furniture and
interior design professionals.