Case Studies
Master Facility Plan
Preparation of a Master Facility Plan for a large medical center in the
Upper Midwest, focused on inpatient bed replacement and
development of a 50-acre tract of land for ambulatory and other health
care services.

Master Facility Plan completed based on an assessment of baseline
throughput, regulatory requirements, review of existing facilities and
planning for future capacity and conceptual space requirements.
Operating Room Redesign
Improvements to Surgical Care by creating a "living laboratory"
operating room, to study the effects of process, design and technology
innovation on patient safety, efficiency and satisfaction.

Room opened in August of 2002.  Improved safety with new
refinements of data integration including anesthesia alerts regarding
allergies in practice.  Improved efficiency by reducing downtime
between cases by 42%.  Increased same-day discharges for
cholycystectomy patients.
Operational Analysis &
Staff Efficiency Focus
Multi-focused Analyses
Assess and recommend change.  Identify and define major
operational/functional issues adversely impacting workflow, personnel
and physician satisfaction and operational efficiency.  Explore process
of the emergency department, surgical services and inpatient care
units negatively impacting cardiovascular service line operational
efficiency and patient care outcomes.  Identify options for optimizing
the Cath Lab care environment.

Key operational bottlenecks identified and solutions presented with
acceptance to the hospital leadership.  Overtime costs reduced and
delayed or canceled cases essentially eliminated.  Physician
satisfaction improved with the enhanced process of patient transfer
from outside facilities and revised scheduling system.
Improve efficiencies within nursing units to quickly produce results.  A
random time and motion study was planned, categories of observed
activities were tailored to meet customer objectives and a timeframe
was established to expedite the analysis and limit disruption to patient
care areas.

This engagement concluded with definition of time and work allocation
among caregivers and IP unit support team, discussion and
comparison to national trends, issues identified and prioritized, and
detailed implementable recommendations.
Optimizing Clinical Care
Develop recommendations for optimizing clinical care and procedural
care for large patient tower replacement building.  Assess patient care
delivery focused on staffing practices, support service requirements
and physician related concerns/issues.  Identify the impact of
state-of-the-art cutting edge models on staffing costs, both clinical
care and support services, and identify communication
systems/devices required for each.

The building was occupied with staff confident regarding the
operational intent and processes.  Care models and support systems
provided high level of care in budget with positive satisfaction survey

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