Human Centered Design
Human Centered Design
Human centered design and research delivers a deep understanding of the needs of stakeholders,
resulting in relevant ideas for future experience, environment and/or services.  It utilizes a creative
discovery process that is collaboratively developed through a hands-on, participatory approach and is
generally informed by ethnographic observations.  This deep understanding of human needs and
aspirations for the future can be used to drive and inspire the design process.  It also has the potential
to greatly improve the communication and collaboration between the design team and the client team.

Tools and methods of participatory designing we employ to generate innovative concepts include
personas and future scenarios, image card sorts, experience-based collages, mock journeys,
participatory visioning sessions, 3-D generative prototyping toolkits and storytelling futures toolkits.

The primary objectives of practicing human centered design are:
To lead design from a human centered perspective
To practice participatory design
To apply "change design tools" to the research, planning, design and development process
To measure the impact of work by developing metrics that will contribute to and expand the
objectives of "evidence-based design"

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