Our Partners

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About Our Partners
Mithoff Consulting Group offers a holistic and collaborative
approach to organizational consulting.  We have strategic
alliances with several prominent healthcare solutions providers
to extend our specialty healthcare consulting capabilities.
Working with these partners extends our reach and capabilities
as each partner brings unique and specific sets of expertise
that complement and expand upon our own talents.
Referenced below is a brief overview of each of our strategic
business partners.
Bardwell & Associates
With over thirty years of concentrated healthcare facilities experience, Bardwell & Associates is
positioned to create and supply state-of-the-art solutions to the complexities of health delivery
for healthcare provider organizations throughout the United States and around the world.  
Principal-in-Charge Peter Bardwell, FAIA, FACHA maintains major responsibilities across a
broad spectrum of innovative projects and leads planning teams in the creation of health
delivery systems and facilities throughout North America, South America and Europe.
CT+Associates LLC
CT+Associates specializes in facility, functional and operational planning for Supply Chain
Management, Material Handling and Waste Management, Central Sterile/SPD, Pharmacy and
related Support Services.  CT+Associates assists hospitals, health systems, architects and
other professionals with master planning, space and functional planning and system design for
hospital redevelopment projects.  CT+Associates offer these services from a foundation
spanning nearly 30 years of experience as administrators, managers, planners and advisors to
the healthcare industry.
Nursing Institute for Healthcare Design
The Nursing Institute for Healthcare Design (NIHD) exists to help improve the design and
function of healthcare environments through education and collaboration.  NIHD welcomes
opportunities to serve the nursing community and others in healthcare design and construction
by providing consultation, data collection and analysis, education and public speaking and
writing.  Through membership in NIHD, industry partners benefit from peer education,
collaboration and mentoring.  Members have access to a library of articles, research and data
about healthcare design and learn best practices for improving outcomes for patients and staff.
ProModel Corporation
ProModel healthcare simulation solutions offer hospitals and clinics the unique ability to
perform accurate, fast predictive analysis of the specific and systemic impacts of operational,
process and layout changes before decisions are made.  ProModel's healthcare specific
simulation solutions offer a level of detail, accuracy and quantitative analysis that is simply
unavailable through spreadsheets, flowcharts, traditional consulting methodologies and other
simulation software.
Skomar Solutions
The Skomar Solution is an innovative, comprehensive group of management systems and
services, providing a methodology to enhance patient care and financial performance.  The
Skomar Solution greatly improves efficiency of operations by realigning work processes with the
appropriate skill set.  The staffing practice philosophy is focused on data driven FTE utilization in
the successful operations of a healthcare facility centered on increased direct patient care and
high satisfaction.
HB & Associates Healthcare Consulting LLC - Technology Planning & Forecasting
Facilities demand unique solutions - made complex by the continuum of evolving technologies.  
Our team of clinicians, engineers and strategic business partners provide unbiased
assessment, forecasting and planning of technologies from project inception through solution
implementation.  The net result is an integrated facility where technology enhances the healing
KAIZEN Foodservice Planning and Design, Inc.
KAIZEN Foodservice Planning and Design, Inc. consists of a multi-talented team of consultants
with a  variety of operational and development expertise.  KAIZEN provides clients with one team
that can chart a course from concept development, through programming and design to on-site
project management and installation supervision.  The team's creative capacity offers fresh,
cutting-edge design ideas balanced by the rigor of financial analysis, client needs and the
practical wisdom that comes with extensive experience.